Buy a kayak together with your friends or neighbours

  • Easy

ihopa helps you with building and managing your sharing group

  • Secure

Sharing agreement and insurance ensure a hustle free sharing

Sharing easy and secure

1. Invite your friends

Start a free and non-binding initiative for your kayak (or anything else) and invite your friends and neighbours. You can also make the group public and we will fill the group for you. Don't worry, you stay in control whom you accept.

2. Agree and secure

Our sharing agreement helps you to agree on all the terms of your sharing. If its with friends you can also skip it. We also help you with insurances to make sure you don't run into issues.

3. Happy sharing

With ihopa sharing is easy. We provide you all the tools needed including a scheduling calendar, expense tool, chat, logs and much more. And we are constantly adding tools to make sharing even easier.

Start your initiative now

  • Easy and quick
  • Test all tools
  • Several invitation methods
  • Browse open groups

Sharing made easy and secure

Build your group

Invite friends, invite neighbours or make friends. We help you to build your group through your network or on our sharing marketplace.

Scheduling calendar

Make sure everyone gets their fair time by using our booking calendar.

Expense sharing

Keep track of all costs and share them fairly 

Agree and secure

Our sharing agreement is made for sharing and covers the “what happens if”questions. We also help you with a sharing insurance.


The ihopa chat makes sure you keep all communications in one place.

Keep track

Use the ihopa logs to keep track of usage and mantainance.

Customers reviews

"I bought a kayak for my neighbourhood on the archipelago. It allowed us to buy 3 very good kayaks and its super nice to share"
3 kayaks in Vaxholmen
"We bought some kayaks together in Stockholm. I wanted one since long time but storage space was too expensive, but in a group it was easy"
shares a kayak in Kungsholmen
"I was looking into buying a cheap kayak to do some exercise but I found this and in a group we could afford something very cool. And it was qiuet easy to find people."
Shares a kayak in Västerås

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